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Welcome to the official website of our psycholinguistics laboratories

Team Mertins

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What is psycholinguistics?

Psycholinguistics investigates the processing of human speech: how one understands, produces and learns a language across the lifespan. Most people use their mother tongue automatically in their everyday life without any worries or struggle. However, the actual learning process behind this ability is time consuming and costs a lot of effort: A child’s language acquisition takes years of intense practice and its mastery is not concluded until around the 13th year of age. Most people are not aware of the complexity and length of this process until the highly automatic processing of speech is in way or the other challenged: for example, when learning a foreign language or when suffering a speech disorder like aphasia. 

Speech processing, language acquisition, speech pathology – the main goal of psycholinguistics is to gain knowledge in these various research areas, mainly with the help of experimental methods. In the psycholinguistics laboratories at the TU Dortmund, we make use of eye-tracking, EEG and reaction time measurements to contribute to our understanding of the cognitive underpinnings of language and language processing.


Participate! Looking for participants

The TU Dortmund psycholinguistics laboratories are always looking for volunteers for scientific studies. You can currently actively support the research work by participating in the following studies:


Apart from the current projects, participants are also always being sought for future projects.


Interested students who would like to write a thesis in one of these areas at the chair of Prof. Mertins, please use this .